So what motivated an IT guy turned management consultant to start a blog without any central theme to hold it together?

Of course this being my blog that’s a rhetorical question. I’ve always thought of sharing more about my various projects as well as my thoughts about various things that affect us all so here we go!


You can expect to hear from me on a variety of topics:

I have built at least four different autonomous aircraft and am part of the WestCoastUAV team in the 2016 Medical Express Challenge.

My Talon aircraft during testing for the 2016 Medical Express Challenge

Space Exploration
Alas I do not own any spacecraft yet but my beautiful girlfriend gave me an awesome telescope for my Birthday this year and I’ve always had a lot of enthusiasm for space exploration.

The Moon
Holding a phone up to the telescope – arranging a proper way to capture images will probably be a future post once I figure it out.

I am passionate about how technology can change our world for the better. I am most definitely an advocate in favour of privacy and encryption andto back this up I operate a tor exit node on a VPS to help improve the availability of private and secure communications on the internet for those that need it.

This is my day job but I am fortunate enough to be at the centre of some major transformation projects and where appropriate will look to share some insights here.


That will about do for now. Of course there is every possibility I’ll actually end up posting something completely unrelated and you can expect I’ll take things where my mind goes which should keep things fresh!